Yummy Tales

Yummy Tales

Simply put, Yummy Tales is a fantastic new take on the classic match-3 formula. You'll make a new best buddy in Oscar, a clever small dog. The release of Yummy Tales signals the start of many fresh and thrilling adventures.

How to Play

When two identical blocks are dragged together with the mouse, a new row is formed. As soon as you get there, Oscar will be there to help you tend to your farm animals. The goal of this game is to clear the board by removing items in sets of three or more of the same fruit or vegetable. Use a wide range of produce until you find a balance that works for your pet's diet. You'll have to restart the level if you don't complete it before your last move is used up.

Over 900 different puzzles are at your disposal. Completing the daily challenges and activities will win you coins and boosters to help you through the game's more difficult sections. To that end, I hope everything works out for you.


- Players can choose from more than 900 different tests.

- Animatronics tied to the game's colorful 2D art style.


It is necessary to swap at least three identical fruits or vegetables using the touch control or the mouse in order to get all three stars. When you successfully pair four or more items, you'll earn bonuses and special abilities.


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