Wordle is an entertaining online puzzle-based word game. The player's job is to figure out and guess the words that are hidden on the board. The players will have six chances to guess a five-letter word, and for each guess, colored tiles will show when the letters match or are in the right place. The way this game is played is almost the same as the pen-and-paper game Jotto. Are you ready to overcome the obstacles? Come to Wordle now.


  • There are a lot of fun things to do in the game, like guessing word suggestions and helping players out of tough situations.
  • This game can be played by anyone because it has beautiful graphics that are easy to use.
  • There are different game modes that players can choose from.


To start working through the challenges in Wordle, the player must first correctly guess the five letters that have been chosen by using the mouse and keyboard as instructed by the game. Each letter will be marked as either green, yellow, or gray after each guess. Green means the letter is correct and in the right place; yellow means it is in the answer but not in the right place; and gray means it is not in the answer at all. Each player will have six chances to get the answer right.

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