Word Lie

Word Lie

Word Lie is a game that anyone with internet access can play. It's based on truthfulness and can be played by anyone who has internet access. Wordle and this game have some similarities. However, the game can sometimes deceive you by highlighting incorrect letters. How are your preparations going? Join WordLie to get access to new and exciting opportunities.


  • 2D visuals with vibrant colors that are real and lifelike. 
  • There are many difficult hurdles you must overcome.
  • The game's store has a range of skins to choose from.
  • This game is fun and keeps you entertained for hours.


The mouse is used to click on letters, select a slot, and enter a word to complete each puzzle. Once you've entered the word, the letters will be transformed into the correct colors. Color shifts will only occur when all the letters are in the right places. They will go from being green to yellow if they are placed in the wrong spot. They can make everything look gray if they aren't in the correct spot. You can only guess the correct letter with the highlighter if you do it multiple times. Also, only one correct guess is possible. Watch out for clues as you go.

Word Lie is not the only word game we offer. We also offer Word Huddle and Scrabble. Have a great day!


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