Who Are Ya

Who Are Ya

One such game is "Who Are Ya," a graphically beautiful internet game centered on correctly recognizing American football players. In this game, players compete to identify one another based on clues given in each round. There are eight opportunities for you to create a memorable name for your athlete. Ready? If you're not sure who you are, take the test and find out with Who Are Ya!


  • Colorful and lively 2D graphics. 
  • Complex, unique, and challenging levels.
  • Active and entertaining play.
  • Intuitive controls like buttons and sliders.


Players guess the American football player by clicking and dragging the mouse to fill in the blanks with words. The first thing that will show up is a vague image of the player. Never trust a color's veracity just on the basis of how it appears on a screen. An ever-improving image will be the product of ever-more-accurate estimates. Make sure you're keeping track of your time and how many tries you have in each round.

We have fun word games like Squabble as well as classics like Who Are Ya. Best wishes!


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