Weredle is an online word-guessing game that anyone can play. Six chances are available for each person to guess the secret phrase. Each guess changes the tile's color, which indicates how close the player is getting to the correct answer. Why wait? Register for Weredle immediately if you don’t want to miss great opportunities.


  • Images with a lot of color in 3D.  
  • Your natural abilities can help you reach any level.
  • You will have fun and challenge while playing video games.
  • Addictions to video games.


Participants need to use the mouse to move around and make smart guesses. Then, they must find the secret word. The tile's color changes after each guess to indicate how close the player has come to finding the right answer. It is possible that you are wrong if you see the werewolf in a square. Once you've made your first guess click on the tile to confirm that it's a werewolf. Use the keyboard to determine what the fake tile was. There won't more fake tiles. The last fake tile has an orange border.

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