An online word guessing game with a Star Trek theme may be found under the moniker "Trekle." Free access is given to all users. You have six opportunities to guess five letters. Do you think you have what it takes to climb all the way to the summit of Trekle? So don't wait! Join us now to take advantage of the many wonderful possibilities that are open to you.


  • 2D images that are accessible in a broad variety of color schemes.
  • There are three benefits that might accrue to you as a result of this.
  • The controls may be used with relative ease.
  • Together, we are playing games on the computer. 


Participants join the Trekle community and accomplish challenges by navigating with the mouse or by touching the screen. After each guess is made, the color of the box will change to reflect the appropriate intensity level for the word. You have a limited amount of time to find the secret word, so you must work swiftly.

Fans of Trekle may find that Duotrigordle is a suitable alternative. I hope you win!


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