The Bonfire Forsaken Lands

The Bonfire Forsaken Lands

The Bonfire Forsaken Lands is a free online game that focuses on building and may be enjoyed by everyone. To fend off nightly monster attacks, the player must establish a colony in a snowy plantation and manage both labor and resources effectively.This progression will allow you to build and craft more complex structures, as well as travel to and conduct business with new civilizations. To top it all off, you'll discover some of the mysteries of history. What are you going to do while you are waiting? The Bonfire Forsaken Lands are looking for more members!


  • Play a tough simulation game while creating your own community.
  • Play a hard simulation game while building a community of your own.
  • Minimalist snowy landscapes are visually appealing.
  • Every day brings a new opportunity to broaden one's knowledge base.


The camera may be moved by just clicking and dragging the mouse, making it easy for anybody to participate. To begin the game, simply click the appropriate buttons on the control panel. All the best.

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