Swiftle is a free online music game based on Taylor Swift. As a member of Swiftle, your goal is to deduce the song that Taylor Swift is currently singing. Try to identify the mysterious melody as quickly as possible with the help of these tips. Do you have what it takes to complete this project? Swiftle has opened its doors to new members. 


  • The game's vivid 2D graphics captivate its audience of all ages.
  • Crosswords and wordplay.
  • Multiple tasks must be completed by the players.
  • Addicting and entertaining at the same time. 


When playing Swiftle, the player moves their mouse across the screen, filling in the blanks until they find the correct response. You have as few attempts as possible to identify the song that Taylor Swift is singing about. If you've never played anything like this before, don't be alarmed. To get you started, we'll go through the basics with you first.

It's a fun two-dimensional puzzle game, so have fun! Those who enjoy puzzles and word games can check out our selection of free and online Word Games if they like this one.


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