Subwaydle, an online game in which you have to guess subway signs' words, is open to all and is totally free. Your task is to solve the subway puzzle using only six clues. Each forecast must contain three metro trains and use all transit between them. It's pretty fascinating, wouldn't it? Subwaydle has now been released!


  • 2D graphics in a variety colors. 
  • Controls that make a sense.
  • A game that's both entertaining and challenging.


After being given six chances, players take turns using their mouse to attempt to solve the Subwaydle puzzle. Each forecast must be a metro train that uses all three of the trains in the transportation system. You can choose from three different trains to complete the journey. Although there are many ways to make the journey, the goal is to find one that fits the puzzle. It might be the fastest or most efficient way to travel. I wish you luck!

Flaggle is an appealing game for those who want to explore and learn more about unique games such as Subwaydle.


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