With the help of Hello Wordl, an online word-guessing game called Speedle was developed. This is a revamped version of Lingo, an old game show that used to air on television. This game provides the player with six alternative possibilities to determine the concealed word in the sentence. Are you capable of meeting the challenge? Let's enlist Speedle's assistance in slaying our inner demons so we may go on with our lives.


  • Locations in the zoo that are worth seeing. 
  • A fantastic match. 
  • Friendly interfaces for the controllers.


Participants in Speedle are required to utilize both the keyboard and the mouse in order to move. Players are not allowed to move the mouse. After you have finished the challenge, the color of each letter will be shown for you to view. When the game is enabled, you will also get a ticking speed clock that will show the code to define the many facets of the word. This will give you an idea of how difficult the term is to pronounce and how accurate it is. Pay attention, and know that you can finish it right now!

You have found that you have a lot of fun playing Speedle and would want there to be additional levels. Check out the Word Games area of our website for additional details.


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