Solitaire Seasons

Solitaire Seasons

You may enjoy Solitaire Seasons for free at all, thanks to its amusing joker theme. Complete all 40 steps to open all four windows; each window will be in a distinct region. Use jokers to help the process go more smoothly. Besides the typical humor, each costume has its own set of jokes. Is everything in order? Join Solitaire Seasons right away!


  • Colorful two-dimensional graphics.
  • Solitaire's three peaks may be climbed with a little assistance.
  • The ability to use one's intuition.
  • Opportunities for further benefits.


At a time, you may only use one card from your reserve. Choose cards with a value higher or lower than a drawn card to remove it from the game. Without exhausting your hoard of cards, you must complete a level.


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