Seven Wordles

Seven Wordles

The famous word game has a new iteration called Seven Wordles. Seven Wordles' goal is to measure how quickly players can accurately anticipate seven phrases. You lose three seconds for each estimate that is off. This is very intriguing!


  • Join Seven Wordles right now to participate in the fun tasks we have planned.
  • A communications platform that employs Emojis and incorporates a leveling system, questing structure, and Emojis. a dictionary for the field of play. 
  • The pace of the game will be increased by the tiny board and dense wording.


Players may use the mouse to swiftly finish this challenge by filling in the missing information. Six tries later, six words totaling five characters were input. Following each fill, colored letters will appear that correspond to the word's level. Each time you succeed, use the hints.

Riddle and many other word games are very similar to Seven Wordles. Happy time!


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