Sedecordle is a newer version of Wordle that lets players work on multiple puzzles at once. One of the things that makes it stand out is how hard it is. People try to guess 16 words at once, each of which has five different letters. It's amazing how interesting it is, right? Join Sedecordle right away so you don't miss out on the great opportunities that are out there.     


  • Two-dimensional graphics
  • There are new tests every day.
  • Enjoyable and engaging game play.


The goal of this game is to figure out what the meaning of 16 cryptic phrases is in 21 tries. Each time a player guesses, new letters in different colors will appear on the screen. This makes it easier for them to tell the letters apart and get to the right answer as quickly as possible. Good luck!

In addition to Sedecordle, we have a large number of other interesting word guessing games like Foodle. Have fun!


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