Run Away 3

Run Away 3

Have you ever pretended to be an extraterrestrial for a while? If not, let's try to recreate that sensation by watching Run Away 3 together. Players take part in several tasks designed to aid aliens in their exploration of the cosmos and travel across space. Maintain a constant speed and don't quit! You can't even imagine what might happen if you slowed your pace! You'll need to navigate perilous tunnels and abrupt gaps in space if you want to get where you're going. This obstacle will constantly be in your way. Be cautious if you play this game since it has a high potential for addiction. Get moving or you'll vanish!


  • There are a lot of levels to finish.
  • Nice visualizations in three dimensions.
  • There are two distinct game modes.
  • Intuitive controls


The task in Run Away 3 is completed by utilizing and manipulating the character as follows: leap with the Space key or up arrow, move left with the A or left arrow key, and move right with the D or Arrow key. Best of luck!


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