It's free to play Pokédle, the addicting online game of word guessing. The term Pokédle is a shortened form of the Japanese word for the game. Six Pokédle-based clues are scattered throughout the game, and the goal is to identify the five-letter mystery word. To find the answer faster, pay close attention to what's going on around the Pokédle. Are you ready for the journey? Get on Pokédle as soon as you can to avoid missing out on exciting opportunities.   


  • Vibrantly colored two-dimensional images
  • Addicting and exhilarating game play.
  • You'll face new obstacles every day because the game may be played in six different languages.


The Pokédle pits players against one another in a cryptic word search in which they have six chances to get it right. Each estimate's wording will be shown in a different color. The color red indicates that the word's position is correct; the color yellow suggests that the word is nearby; and the color gray indicates that the word is inaccurate. Wishing you all the best!

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