Phrazle is a new word puzzle game with fun quizzes that let you see how well you know words. In Phrazle, players have to guess a phrase by using only words that are allowed and all of the spaces. That's interesting, right? Join Phrazle now so you don't miss out on interesting chances.


  • There are a lot of cool things in the game that will blow players away.
  • Use these amazing ways to use physics. 
  • Players can pick from a number of games.


In Phrazle, the player has six chances to guess the sentence. They can only use correct words and can't leave any spaces. Like in Wordle, the cells will change color to show how close you are to the correct answer. A "green" letter means that your letter is not only correct but also in the right place. Purple means the letter is in the sentence but not in the word you chose. "Yellow means the letter is correct, but it doesn't belong there. Gray, like Wordle, means that you guessed the wrong message. I wish you the best of luck as you try to win as fast as possible.

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