PhourWord is a free word-guessing game that anyone can play. By clicking letters on the perimeter or dragging them around, participants can combine letters to make words. Click on a predetermined letter to remove it. This is amazing, don't you think? PhorWord is now available to explore exciting possibilities.


  • Two-dimensional images. 
  • Engaging and challenging gameplay.
  • It's a relaxing game that's fun.


Players create words, then move letters to make the letters lie horizontally or vertically. To submit your reply, click on "Submit." Corrected letters are highlighted in green. False letters will result at a loss of 1 point. You can use the HINT command to reveal a particular letter. You will be charged three points. By solving riddles, you can earn bonus points.

You might like this kind of word guessing game (like Pfeffel), and we have many more games in our word game collection. I do hope you get to the top quickly!


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