Passwordle, an online game that is free and open to all, allows players to try to guess passwords from other players. Passwordle gives players six chances to guess correct passwords before they win. That's intriguing, right? Passwordle offers many exciting opportunities. Sign up now!


  • Images in a vibrant 2D colour scheme. 
  • Characters with lots to be cute.
  • Video games are addictive, interactive, and fun.
  • It's easy to use.
  • There are many tiers you can conquer.


Passwordle requires players to click the mouse and complete tasks as instructed by the game's screen prompts. After trying six times, and failing one time, the player finally gets his password. After a guess is made the tiles' colors are changed to reflect the closeness of the tiles to revealing the correct word. You can vote for the winner!

Passwordle is part of the Siri Word package. It's a fun game that combines logic, exploration and logic. Take a look at our games while you're here!


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