Game of math puzzles Numberle was inspired by Wordle, which became a popular game in early 2022. Six attempts are required to accurately estimate the arithmetic equation in the number game. To see if you've completed the issue, you'll see color suggestions as you type in your own equation; when all rows are highlighted in green, you've won! Playing this game with your friends is a great way to exercise your brain while also having a nice time. Is everything in order? Numberle is now accepting new members.       


  • The game's visuals are spectacular, and the UI is simple to use.
  • Gamers can benefit from a wide range of useful tools.
  • It is not necessary to be an expert in order to play a game with simple rules.


Once the player has inputted the correct equation, they will begin to uncover the clues. You'll get a total of six chances to correctly anticipate the goal equation. Integers (0–9) and arithmetic signs (+-*/=) can be used to do arithmetic calculations. The target equation will be highlighted in brown if an integer or arithmetic sign is misplaced. A green highlight indicates that the numbers and signs in the equation are in the appropriate place. For mathematical equations, the absence of specific numbers or signs is denoted by the color gray. A correct estimation of the equation is required to win a game (all points are green). To challenge your friends, simply copy the URL and paste it into a social networking post after the game is over.

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