Not Wordle

Not Wordle

Not Wordle is a fun word guessing and puzzle game that you can play online. The player has six chances to find the hidden word in the game. They have to guess at least five letters as well. You can quickly finish the task with the help given. Don't delay! Sign up for Not Wordle now with your friends to earn cool prizes.


  • Bright 2D colors are used in the animations. 
  • With 200 missions and 10 acts.
  • I gamble too much.
  • User-friendly interface.


In Not Wordle, the player moves the cursor and types in the right five-letter word. This will show the word that was hidden. If you get closer to the right answer with each guess, the tiles will change color. If the correct word is in green, it is there. If something is yellow, it's probably not where it should be. And it's not in that word if it looks gray. Pay attention to the task at hand to finish it quickly.

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