Welcome to Nordle! The series' word guessing game is a blast for any fan of the show. In order to join Nordle, you must input a 5-letter keyword and get feedback on several terms simultaneously. To win, you must correctly guess all the n words in n + 5 guesses. Isn't that great? Join Nordle now!


  • You may choose from one of three available tongues.
  • Amazingly artistic 2D graphics. 
  • Successfully navigate all 40 levels of this fun game.


By clicking and dragging the mouse, players fight to uncover concealed words on the game board. Before submitting, check to see that the word you entered is a valid 5-letter word. Your job is to successfully guess each word. inside of n + 5 guesses. n There is one issue per day for every value of n. To rephrase, there will never be a shortage of puzzles. After each guess, the word's color will change to reflect how close to the correct answer it was. Best wishes!

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