Noob vs Pro Zombi Apocalypse

Noob vs Pro Zombi Apocalypse

Welcome to Noob vs Pro Zombi Apocalypse! As you progress through the game and complete new levels, an amazing narrative experience awaits you. In this difficult zombie mod, you must assist Nubik and Pro in staying alive. You have a lot of exciting times ahead of you: Noob leads a peaceful life in his modest home in the forest until one day, zombies burst through the door and thrust him into the world of blocks! The zombies intend to wreak havoc on all that stands in their way. Assist new and experienced players in finishing the game; eliminate zombies; and demolish everything in your way. What are you holding out for exactly? Take part in the Noob vs Pro Zombi Apocalypse right away!


  • Vibrant images in two dimensions.
  • 5 chapters
  • Thinking strategically is essential.
  • To upgrade, you will need fuel, wheels, engines, and turbines.


Participants take part in the competition by using the mouse to fire the gun on their personal computers. -Auto Move using the Spacebar -Arrow Controls movement of the character, represented by arrows. There is also control using the mouse. Control is exercised over touch-screen devices via the on-screen buttons that comprise the interface. Best of luck!


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