All ages may play the online word-guessing and humor game called Murdle. Each player has ten lives to begin the game. These may be used to speculate on and perhaps even discover the hidden word. By returning to the original color after each guess, each word's true level is revealed. What are you going to do while you wait to learn the language at its right level? Murdle is now available.


  • 2 dimensional, vibrant imagery. 
  • You may follow your intuition's lead.
  • A fun and entertaining game that is also addicting.


Murder players have the option of guessing whatever words they choose. Incorrect guesses for more than 10 letters will result in removal from the game. You'll see a shift in the color of the tiles. This shows how near you are to figuring out the solution. If you attempt to guess a letter the first time that isn't part of the word, you won't lose a life.

Murdle may be played in conjunction with the entertaining word guessing game Dumble. Best wishes!


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