Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures

Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures

Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures: Go on a solitaire card adventure with Mr. Bean. Join Mr. Bean as he attempts to take a selfie atop London's Tower Bridge, but falls off the bridge and collides with a ship bound for the United States! He finds himself in New York as he opens his eyes, and his solitary adventure starts. In our new solitaire card game, join him on a vacation around the United States and experience the moods of places like New York, Honolulu, San Francisco, New Orleans, and more. Mr. Bean Solitaire Adventures invites you to go on an amazing adventure of discovery with Mr. Bean.


  • 2D images with vibrant colors.
  • Solitaire with detailed instructions
  • Senses of intuition
  • The cards have funny cartoonish graphics on them.


Mr. Bean Solitaire Adventures players take on the task by tapping or clicking on the screen to stack their cards in the proper sequence, ascending or descending. You may mix three clubs with two suits or four suits if you have three clubs.


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