Martial Arts: Fighter Duel

Martial Arts: Fighter Duel

Welcome to Martial Arts: Fighter Duel! In the arena, 17 martial artists from various nations and geographical locations compete. Demonstrate your distinct fighting technique and attempt to defeat your opponents. You may participate in the tournament in "Arcade" mode or in "2 Player" mode with your friends. The game's difficulty level may be adjusted in the options. Are you prepared to fight? Let's get started with Martial Arts: Fighter Duel right now!


  • 3D graphics with vibrant colors.
  • There are many levels to finish.
  • There are many characters to unlock.
  • The game is both entertaining and addicting.


Martial Arts participants include: Fighter Duel competes in challenges based on the following guidelines:

  • To move and attack with player 1, use the "W, A, S, and D" keys. To drag and knock down the opponent, press "C, V, B."
  • Player 2: Move using the arrow keys, attack with "U, I, O," and move with "J, K, L."


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