Lettershot is a fun word-guessing game that anyone can play for free online. Everyone takes part in a race to see who can figure out a secret word in the shortest amount of time. Click the "Check" button once you've made your choice to double-check it. It's so easy! Sign up for Lettershot now to make sure you don't miss any exciting chances.


  • Illustrations in vibrant 2D color. 
  • There are many things that could go wrong.
  • You will have to go through a lot of hard parts.
  • It's a fun and interesting way to play games.


You can finish LetterShot challenges by clicking and pointing to the right word. After you choose the right term, you can click the "check" button to double-check your work. If you put the letter in the right place, it will be blue. If it isn't, you can click the "check" button to double-check your work. Each player gets 10 chances to guess the answer, so be careful!

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