Jetpack Race Run

Jetpack Race Run

Have you ever used a jetpack to soar over the sky? Jetpack Race Run is a dodge-type arcade game featuring 3D stickman players competing against one another and many obstacles. Run in a JetpackOnce you've arrived at the last platform, you'll be able to fly there using a jet pack. In order to improve your score and emerge victorious, you must keep an eye out for incoming walls of obstacles and avoid them at all costs. There is no time limit or damage in this game. Join the Jetpack Race Run right away, and you'll be ready to take on a variety of challenges.


  • Three-dimensional designs with vibrant colors.
  • I like the look of this cartoon figure.
  • Platforms for artistic expression.
  • The app is portable and may be used on any smartphone or tablet.


To complete challenges, players must move the mouse, hold it, and then drag it to change positions. There is nothing more to it than following the onscreen directions. I wish you all the best!


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