Impostor Rocketman

Impostor Rocketman

It's a basic yet entertaining online game in which a little impostor pretending to be a rocket man is propelled by a cannon to go as far as he can while collecting as many items as possible. Begin your journey with Impostor Rocketman right now!

How to play

The objective of the game is to improve your score by navigating through more difficult obstacles on a variety of maps. Upgrade your gear on the progress screen to boost your flying powers even further. Congratulations on what you've done, and I hope you finish the race as quickly as possible!


The game is fun to play because it has an interesting storyline, vivid graphics, and music.

Gamers have a variety of choices for getting help.

With basic game rules, everyone can play.


Coach computer players using the right mouse button. If you're using a mobile device, touch the screen to aim and shoot.


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