Idle Airline Tycoon

Idle Airline Tycoon

Idle Airline Tycoon is a game that anyone may play, and it revolves around the management of airlines. Players are tasked with extending their airline to every region of the globe while also managing it. It certainly piques your interest, doesn't it? Join the Idle Airline Tycoon community right away!


  • There are over 50 cities located on four different continents where you can connect with your airline.
  • Pick your mode of transportation from among these 25 available options.
  • Invest in the modernization of your airports to pull in more tourists.
  • Earn money while you are not online.
  • You can get ahead in your job by participating in the prestige system, which is optional.


The player can participate in the challenges by clicking or tapping on the screen and then following the on-screen directions. Best of luck!


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