Anyone with an internet connection can play the word-guessing game Hogwartle. It is quite a relaxing atmosphere. Six chances will be available to find the hidden word. The tiles will change color if the player gets closer to the correct answer with each guess. Are you ready to take your place on Hogwarts' throne? You are invited to join us.


  • Many colors. 
  • Exciting, amusing, fascinating.
  • Simple menus with simple settings.
  • There is a lot to it.


Hogwarts players use computers' keyboards or mice to complete tasks and solve word problems. To indicate how close you are to an answer, the letters will change color when you type them. If the word is colored green, it can be located at the correct place in the phrase. A sentence will not count if it contains a word in the incorrect place. This is indicated by a yellow highlight. to your success!

The Word Game Collection is a great resource for word guessing games such as Taylordle or Trile. I hope you enjoy yourselves.


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