Heli Battle

Heli Battle

Heli Battle is an extremely entertaining online game with a fighter theme that is suitable for all ages. In this fast-paced combat helicopter game, players must take down enemy helicopters at all costs in order to win. Attempt to collect ammunition so that you can launch missiles at enemy machines. By dragging and dropping, you move up and down the screen, and try to win the first ten rounds in order to receive attractive prizes. That sounds interesting, doesn't it? Join Heli Battle today to ensure that you do not miss out on exciting prizes.


  • The theme for high-octane action.
  • Amass bullets in order to launch missiles.
  • The battle takes place against a stunning sunset backdrop.

Players in the game Heli Battle must do the following things in order to defeat the enemy helicopters. This is a guide to how to play Heli Battle: 

  • Move the gun up and down by dragging and dropping the mouse.
  • Collect a large number of bullets in order to destroy as many enemy planes as possible in the shortest amount of time.
  • To complete the task as quickly as possible, you must adhere to the game's guidelines.


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