Gordle is a word-guessing game that can be played online and is appropriate for people of all ages. A Wordle game based on ice hockey has been released. The objective of the game is for the player to properly identify the name of an existing or former NHL franchise within the allotted six chances. What are your thoughts? Are you willing to rise to the occasion? Together with Gordle, I am prepared to explore the wondrous things that the cosmos has to offer. 


  • Interesting puzzles. 
  • photographs that have a color scheme. 
  • Enjoyable and exciting game play.


The actions of either your mouse or your touchscreen are required to complete Gordle's tasks. You will have the opportunity to make six guesses, so try your best to recognize a player who once competed or now competes in the National Hockey League. Proceed to input the code in the space provided. Following each guess, the color of the letter will indicate the degree of correctness: green indicates that the letter is present in the name and in the correct location; yellow indicates that the letter is present in the name but in the wrong spot; and gray indicates that the letter is not present in the name. I hope things go well for you!

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