GardenEscape is an entertaining online game with a focus on gardens that is available to anyone without charge. Take pleasure in the garden adventure to get away from this enchanted journey. Engage yourself in a riveting match-three game that features a ton of levels and some really impressive visuals. You must use your talents and the incredible power-ups provided in order to progress through the game and assist the small dog in completing all of the match-3 puzzles and escaping the magical island. Are you ready to join GardenEscape? Don't pass up the wonderful opportunities that are presented to you!


  • Excellent graphic design.
  • To complete each of the game's exhilarating stages, you must first collect three jewels in a row.
  • Plunge into the enchanted region to assist the tiny dog in his journey through this mystery.
  • 40 distinct levels.
  • Take in the beautiful artwork and engaging 3D characters.
  • A wonderful garden setting for a game that only involves one player.


Players can join and participate in challenges by exchanging gems using either their mouse or touch screen. Best of luck!


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