Furdle is an online site for guessing words. It is free to use and has a very nice design. The goal of the game is to correctly guess five-letter words by giving as many hints and guesses as possible. It's important that the five-letter word you enter is correct. Do you have the skills and drive to finish the task you've been given? Furdle gives you a lot of chances to join right away.


  • You can play on many levels.
  • Levels that are both fun and hard to stop playing. 
  • Simple and clear ways to keep control.


Players move around the board by clicking the mouse, adding letters to the word slots that are already there, and completing other tasks. After each guess, the color of the letters will go back to how they were before. This will show the correct level of the word. Use those hints to find the right answer more quickly. Best of luck!

In the Word Games section of our website, you can play Furdlen and many other fun word guessing games, like Phrazle, DeWordle. Enjoy!


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