Forest Match

Forest Match

Forest Match is an entertaining and colorful match-3 game that all ages can enjoy. It is simple to fall under its enchantment due to the game's gorgeous visuals, pleasant music, and enchanting atmosphere. Find identical fruits, plants, and other items in the forest in order to get points. Creating a set requires connecting at least three items of the same type. You can create strong upgrades by connecting multiple sets. These aids allow you to remove dirt, grass, moss, boulders, and ice from the display, allowing you to collect more items. "Forest Match" is a free game with hundreds of increasingly difficult stages, enjoyable missions, and fresh obstacles.


  • 3D images in various colors.
  • The stories and characters are adorable. 
  • There are opportunities to earn money every day. 
  • The capacity to acquire a variety of perks and enhancements.


When players align three or more identical forest fruits, they earn a significant number of points and contribute to the mission's success. You can buy and sell items with the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger, and you can even employ boosters for assistance. Have fun!


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