Wordle now has a new game called Fibbble. It has more challenging and interesting ways to play. Your goal is to figure out the 5-letter word as quickly and correctly as you can. How are your plans coming together? Get Fibble today to enjoy all the great things you can do with it. Have fun


  • Spirit of Christmas 
  • Vibrant colors
  • A play that is exciting
  • The fun parts of the show
  • Simple-to-use controls


The player finishes the challenge by clicking the mouse and filling in the blanks with the right words. As soon as you finish the word, the letters will show up in the right colors:

  • Green if the right letter is in the right place.
  • If the letter is in the wrong place, it will be marked in yellow. If not, it will stay gray.
  • If you think a letter is wrong, mark it. To mark a tile as false or true, you can either hold down the right mouse button or press and hold.

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