Drink Master

Drink Master

Have you ever wanted to work as a bartender? Do you want to make precisely poured cocktails and beverages as a career? Do you always pour the perfect glass of beer? If that's the case, then Drink Master is the game for you! Becoming a beverage master is a great way to advance your career. Pour some wine and demonstrate to everyone how to make a great cocktail! Remember to include an ice cube. For a chance to become a master bartender, join Drink Master now!


  • Colorful two-dimensional pictures.
  • Intuitive abilities
  • Playing this game is simple yet addicting.
  • a hundred different levels


Drink Master is a simple game that allows you to combine various colored beverages to create wonderfully pleasant combinations! Can you mix beer with beer for a fantasy-free reincarnation? It's no issue! Your mission is to create the ultimate cocktail to the nth degree!


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