Drift Boss

Drift Boss

Drift Boss is a completely free online racing game with a fun and original theme. The Drift Boss' purpose is for players to control and drive their way past the obstacles on their journey to the ultimate victory. In your vehicle, drive like a boss. Drift left and right at the correct moment. For your slides and slides in tight areas, concentrate and prepare ahead of time. How many points do you think you'll be able to score? It's now or never to join Drift Boss!


  • It has a great three-dimensional arcade setting with fantastic automobiles that unlock as you earn more points.
  • Among other vehicles, are unlocked taxis, police cars, fire engines, ice cream trucks, and ambulances.
  • It offers a layout and design that is totally responsive.
  • The ability to use the whole screen.
  • It features a relaxing soundtrack.


The goal of Drift Boss is to go as far as possible without colliding with the road. Driving takes practice, but you'll be on the road in no time owing to the game's simple controls. Select one of the eight autos from the main screen and hit the play button to begin the game. At first, there is just one car accessible, but with the money you earn, you may unlock the others. To make your car make abrupt turns, tap the screen or use the SPACE BAR button. Be careful and prepare ahead of time since your car will slide as it turns. Best wishes!

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