Dordle 2

Dordle 2

You've reached Dordle 2! Similar to the classic puzzle game Dordle, players in this game must complete puzzles and tasks in order to unearth hidden solutions. Once the player has made seven guesses, they will have found both hidden words. Choose between making the word out of four, five, or six letters. Surely, that's fascinating to consider? Get on the waiting list for Dordle 2 now!


  • visuals that burst with color yet only exist in two dimensions.
  • Easy to use settings. 
  • A fun and engaging game that's hard to put down.
  • There are literally hundreds of stages to play.


Moving around with the mouse and keyboard, players enter Dordle 2 and attempt to complete the game's goals. As guesses are made, the letter colors will change to show how well each spot was predicted. If the word is green, it may be located in the sought-after context. The word is present in the search phrase, but not in the required position if it is highlighted in yellow. Try to complete the job as quickly as possible. To your success!

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