Wordle inspired the creation of Dangle, a hockey-themed guessing and matching game. You will need to identify a new player each day. There are eight chances to identify the mystery player. It's quite intriguing, isn't it? You won't be disappointed if you join Dangle as soon as possible.


  • Brightly colored and three-dimensional images. 
  • There are only a few intermediate levels.
  • Both the past, and the people, are charming.
  • Funny and amusing games.


The contestants alternate moving the mouse to guess the names of NHL players. If you are correct in all eight predictions, you will win. The result will have a distinct color that represents the word's accuracy level. A green checkmark next a given attribute means that it is correct. A yellow box appears in the age column to indicate that you are within 2 years of your real age. You are within five digits if a yellow box is found in the number columns. A yellow checkmark appears in the team column indicating that the mysterious player has participated for that team. There is no colour that closely matches the features of the mysterious player. I wish you every success!

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