Crowd Lumberjack

Crowd Lumberjack

Crowd Lumberjack is a free online game that has the theme of a wooden house, and players of any age can enjoy playing it. In this engaging idle tycoon game, your goal is to construct a home on an island by felling trees and gathering wood. Discover the globe while wielding your trusty axe. It is always a good idea to have additional lumberjacks in your mob, so go ahead and recruit some more. Carry out the activity that everyone else is carrying out and cut down trees as you travel. I've set out on a trip to explore a different part of the world. Explore uncharted islands and establish yourself in dazzling new cities. Ready? Everything you need is right here! Build first, then cut. Achieve the status of the most feared and revered leader on the island. It won't be much longer now. You are welcome to join Crowd Lumberjack at any time!


  • Playing games involving stickmen can be a lot of fun.
  • A ragdoll stickman character that can be animated in 3D.
  • Being able to control everything with just one finger makes the experience pleasant and easy.
  • It has a sophisticated appearance but a laid-back vibe to it.
  • Through the process of upgrading your stickmen, you can create a stickmen woodsmen team.
  • Create a city that is uniquely yours.
  • There is an abundance of rewards and presents.


By swiping your finger across the screen or using the WASD keys. Take down the tree, and get to work!


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