The word Codle guessing game is fun for everyone. The words hidden are revealed by the players' guesses. Because they are all alphabetical letters, each letter has the same offset value. Every game randomly chooses the offset value and decoding word. If the offset is 1, and the character is a "z," an "a" should be encoded. The start will change "G" to "H," and then it continues from there. Are you ready to leave? Codle is a great place to start so that you don't miss any fun quizzes.


  • Animation, 2D screens, and color. 
  • The controls can be simple, but the game can be difficult.
  • There are many keystroke keywords available.


The boxes can be moved with the mouse, and information can be entered. Fill in the blanks using words that actually mean something. Use all the information you have to quickly solve the problem.

Bludle is one of our many word games that offers endless entertainment possibilities. Codle is another. My very best wishes go out to you!


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