CineNerdle is a labor of love that combines two things that mean a lot to the people who made it: a love of movies and the fun of the popular puzzle game Wordle. After seeing games like Wordle and Heartle, which were similar, the idea for this game was born. The people playing the game take turns flipping over the grid to try to guess and find the secret movie. That's interesting, wouldn't you say? Join CineNerdle right away so you don't miss out on any cool opportunities!    


  • Enjoyable and engaging game play.
  • Easy-to-use buttons and knobs.
  • The gameplay is difficult.
  • There are new tests every day.


Players in CineNerdle do tasks by moving around with the mouse. You have to turn the tiles on the grid to see different parts of the movie frame. Try to figure out the movie with the fewest number of flipped tiles. If you guess wrong, the game will move on to the next tile without you having to do anything. The game is over when you make a correct guess or when all of the tiles have been turned over. When you're done, you're welcome to show off your grid.

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