BTS Wordle

BTS Wordle

The popular Korean boy band BTS has inspired a new, free word guessing game called BTS Wordle. The game's inspiration from Wordle is obvious, but it also has many other exciting aspects. The objective is to accurately guess the word within the allotted six chances. To get to the right answer as quickly as possible, it is preferable to make intelligent guesses. Specifically, what are you anticipating? Take part in the BTS Wordle community right now!


  • Interacting with the game is a blast. 
  • Multiple possible arrangements.
  • Simple interface design and aesthetics.
  • In a vibrant 2D color scheme.


A user registers for BTS Wordle and then uses the mouse to attempt to guess the target word within 6 attempts. As the player makes guesses, the tiles' colors change to reflect how close they are to revealing the proper word. To your success!

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