The game Artle was made after Moviedle, and it was based on Moviedle. In this game, the player has four chances to guess the name of the artist. Each guess must be a real artist's name for it to count. It's amazing how interesting it is, right? Sign up for Artle right away so you don't miss out on any of the great chances that are out there.


  • Graphics that look like they are really there.
  • Getting better at remembering words Making up new words
  • A game that is both fun and hard to stop playing.


In Artle, players are asked to complete tasks by moving their mouse and figuring out who a hidden artist is within a certain number of guesses. Just type the name of the artist into the search box and click the "Submit" button. A big red "X" shows that the answer is wrong. After each wrong guess, you'll get a new piece of art to help you figure out the next one. Best wishes!

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