Hurry up!!! It's time to relax with Quordle, the word-puzzle-game similar to Wordle, with new updates that make it more challenging and intriguing. Quordle's gameplay follows the rules of the original version. Basically, Quordle's gameplay follows the rules of the original version, in addition, players will have the task of predicting 4 mysterious words at the same time, and there are a total of nine guesses in each round. Color hints will help you figure out which letters are in concealed words and which aren't. As a result, the keys on the game's virtual keyboard are separated into four pieces, each of which may have its own color depending on the game board. Quordle will be a new challenge for avid word-game enthusiasts. Join now to avoid missing out on interesting opportunities!

Rules of Quordle

Originally, Quordle was developed as a spin-off of the popular game Wordle, however, there are still some distinct differences between the two versions. In Quordle, players will guess 4 hidden words at once, with nine guesses. To get hints, you'll need to enter your words. After you have entered the first word with the same number of letters as the squares on a line (between 4 and 6 letters depending on the settings), press the Enter button. The number of squares per line will vary based on the setting. The term will be entered in all four fields simultaneously.

Now the letters of the entered word will change color in all fields. Each word will appear the same or in different colors. Due to the fact that these colors provide hints for hidden keywords. Due to the difference in word length, the suggestions will also be changed randomly.

When a letter is guessed correctly, it becomes green. That is, the word is in the appropriate section. Yellow means the letter is in the hidden word but in a different place. Gray indicates that the specified letter is not in the term.

For your convenience, the buttons on the keyboard also change color in a way that is distinct from the gaming fields on the left and right, as well as on the bottom and top. Keep typing words, get hints, and discover all four secret words. To succeed, you must guess every word correctly.


What is the difference between Quordle and Wordle, and how can you tell the two apart?

Both versions require the player to answer four words at once, but Quordle will have nine attempts instead of six like Wordle. The color indicator on the keyboard is separated into four parts because there are four hidden words. Currently, this game has become more popular because it is much harder and more fun than the original Wordle.

What is the most efficient way to start a Quordle game?

Try to use a word that doesn't repeat letters and contains as many vowels as possible at the start of the game, such as "scare". However, mathematician Grant Sanderson says that "slot" or "crane," whose letters are used a lot, are the best words to start with.

What other languages ​​are played in Quordle besides English?

You can simply change the game dictionary in the upper left corner settings. Quordle is currently available in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Swedish, Irish, Czech, Greek, and Turkish in the United States, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

How to enable daily Quordle mode?

In Quordle, you can enable or customize the daily mode in the settings. After activating the Daily Quordle mode, you can solve the same words every day with your friends. Of course, the string of words will change every 24 hours.

Is it possible to adjust the number of letters in hidden words?

The number of letters in the target words can be changed simply. Open game options and select the value corresponding to the number of letters. The game currently supports 4 to 6-letter words.

How to play

In Quordle, the player uses the mouse to move and follow the instructions in the game. You will have 9 guesses to solve 4 random words. Follow the color clues on the letters and the keyboard to solve the puzzle:   

  • Gray: indicates that the letter in question does not appear at all in the target term.
  • Yellow: The letter is present in the text, but it does not belong there.
  • Blue: The letter may be found inside the word and in the appropriate location.

You need to correctly guess each of the four words in order to win the game (all letters are green). Always make sure you're paying attention to any clues that come up in the guesses. They will serve as helpful hints that will help you toward becoming a language master in Quordle. Good luck!

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